Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Well, my efforts to snag some blogger give-aways have not be wasted!  I have won a Sony MP3 player from Fifty K! http://differentisalwaysgood.blogspot.com/

Can't wait to try this bad boy out!  And now as a result of this, my desire to keep checking in, "liking" sites on FB, and doing other hoop-jumping has been rekindled.

On the running front, I'm signed up for the "Jelly Bean 10k" another virtual race (Go to "Run with Jess'" site for more info)  http://runwithjess.blogspot.com/p/jelly-bean-race.html - I  spent a bit of effort to win a prize in the "Cupcake Marathon" last month, but without any luck.  Sort of felt like it was a waste of time, but if nothing else these virtual races get me out the door...  Try it readers, you may win something as well!

Next order of business?  I need to figure out how to set up an area on this site for give-away info...this layout is a template and other than adding gadgets, I'm not sure how to do that...stay tuned for modifications here on Maintenance Mania.