Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Hello? It's me...

I am not much of a blogger in general, but to be honest, I forgot I even HAD this blog (as evidenced by the last post being dated 2011).

Late last night I stumbled across a blog (runningplump.BlogSpot.com) in my Google searches for "100k with inadequate training".  Since I wanted to follow her posts I signed into the site only to be reminded that Maintenance Mania was still online.

So much has happened between 2011 and now, April 2016 - the only way for my few readers to catch up is with a handy bulleted list:

* My group, "half2run" folded.  The running store that hosted it sold out to some really unpleasant guy hired to rebuild their web.  He re-formatted the club/site into something not at all like the group I loved so much.  All bitterness is now gone with the wind, but it was rough, especially since I was at the 19/25 states mark and was due to finish up soon.  We were informed that all of historical race data was gone, that the types of reviews I posted were unwanted, and that the "community" that I was a part of was not the demographic they wanted.  Anyway, the last "State" I completed was Toronto (Oct 2012).  I couldn't see paying the high travel costs to do these 1/2s for no end purpose.

* I dropped my certification with the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) and got my ACE Group Fitness Instructor (GFI) certification in its place.  A far superior certifying body for someone like me who has not the finances/desire to go back to college to get a NASM.  I then studied for, and earned an ACE Specialty Certification in Senior Fitness (for people 55+).  To be honest, I thought this large investment in my education and training would pay off in revenue but that has not proven at all true to this point.

*  I have gone through a lot of weight fluctuations between 2011 and 2016.  In the Spring of 2013 my Mom was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and I dealt with all the stress with lots of candy and fast food.  By 2015 my weight was elevated far above my normal 30lb yo-yo-ing.  My goal weight is 155, and I got all the way up to 239 by April of 2015.  I've lost a good chunk of that now, but am still a good 20lbs over 155.  I'm content with weighing 160 for my "walking around weight" and probably only need to go below that for racing purposes.

* In 2013 I did my first "Ultra" at Outrun 24 https://ultrasignup.com/register.aspx?did=33495 a timed 24-hour event on a 1-mile looped course through Chapin Forest in Kirtland, OH.  I chose it because I knew a lot of people doing it from my running club (The Ohio Runner's Network), I'm a "night owl" and it is only about an hour from home.  My first goal was to go to 50k and then be done, which I accomplished with only minor blisters and stomach issues.  I was in decent shape, but no where trained to do it any justice.  The next year (2014) my goal was simply to "do more".  I was 15 lbs heavier and my feet ended up roached.  I finished with 37 miles.  Last year I almost bagged the entry as I was 221lbs and REALLY, REALLY unfit.  I decided the last few weeks to walk only, at whatever speed I chose.  It was a long and boring experience.  I did my 26 miles and called it a night.  (Still pretty good for a completely unfit fat lady).  This year my training program was again the "Pull it out your ass" method, with the intention to beat my body up AT the event, rather than multiple times in training for the event.  I'm still a very heavy runner, and ain't nobody got time for my frequent overuse injuries that prevent me from doing the regular walking/running I do.  This perspective wouldn't go over well in the Ultra Community, so let's just keep it between us....I'm about 10 lbs less than my first year and have plenty of time on my feet so I'm going for "the big medal" for the 100k.  I have several strategies planned, but weather, my persnickety stomach, and my tender feet will probably weigh in just as much as any strategy.

O24 Report to follow...