Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Provo Halloween Half-Marathon (State #17 half#22)

Well, I'm typing this up suffering with a cold that I picked up no doubt flying back across the country after the Provo Halloween Half-Marathon.

I went out there with 2 running friends and my sister, costume in tow for what I hoped would be a great race.  Not DO great in the race, but have fun.  Seems like I'm writing that a lot more often this year.  My weight is WAY up - went into this one at 195lbs. which is exactly 20 lbs heavier than I was last year.  All I do is talk about it, not do anything about it and my mood, habits and running have suffered greatly.

Back to the race report - I had hoped to do somewhere between a 2:45-2:55 but the first 5 miles of this race were all downhill and at mile 3 I pulled/strained my right soleus muscle.  I kept trying to slow down and relax before saying anything thinking that it would loosen up on its own.  It didn't.  At mile 5.5 we were held by the police for 2 minutes trying to cross a HIGHWAY (!) and immediately after I stopped at a port-a-potty (which I almost never do, but my body was out of whack) and waited TWELVE minutes in line!  About a half mile later I stopped to take a picture of a fly fisherman and our friends (who were walking it) caught up to us!  My sister and I decided that we'd walk with them for a while - that any time goal was probably shot.  Unfortunately walking was no better on my leg than running was, but it was a lot easier/more fun chatting and stopping for photo ops.

We walked the rest of the race and really had a great time.  In all, the race was a dissapointment (logistics), and people of Utah are NOT like anyone that I would normally associate with, but the scenery was absolutely unbelievable.  The trip was very expensive, but unfortunately I'm at that stage of my half2run quest as I've ticked off all of the surrounding states already.