Monday, November 29, 2010

Licence Photo Panic

I knew it was coming...I knew that soon I'd have to surrender one of the only good licence photos I've taken since my 20s. I have to give up this sassy looking lassy before Dec 17th. I am 20 lbs over that weight. Oh the Humanity! Another chubby photo with a weight I'd like to lie out of.

I have 18 days to do something about it. Ladies and Gentlemen sounds like a crazy quest to me, no?

I signed up for the Naples half-marathon on January 16th. That should take care of the running part of things if my foot holds out. Now, about that food...

I also signed up on this blogger's site for the "Holiday Bootie Busting Challenge". I am NOT doing very well thus far compared to the other FOUR HUNDRED participants. I'm inspired to do much better this week. Now, about that food...

I am arming myself with my necessary items (yes, I do KNOW there is a ton of processed stuff in this list):

All-Bran and Oats
Kashi Bars
String Cheese
Fruit, fresh
Vegetables and fruits (frozen, tons)
Lean Cuisines and Boca burgers
Raw almonds
Stuff to make soup
Turkey lunch meat

Let's get this party started...


  1. Good luck! I was just going to leave you a message about when your next post would be but you beat me to it! You can do it you know you can!

  2. Thanks Kirstie! Have all my provisions around me and am digging in...